Bearings Overview + Hands On


A hands-on class designed for anyone interested in how things go round on a bike. We will be covering how bearings work, different types of bearings, and rebuilding hubs, bottom brackets, or headsets. This class will be hands on, so we ask students to bring their bikes as well as clothes they don't mind getting dirty.


The class is generously hosted by a Bike House volunteer in their basement, and we will provide stands and tools for everyone.


Date: Tuesday January 28

Time: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Location: Basement of 4816 Illinois Ave (Petworth Neighborhood)

Cost: $15

Class size: 10

Instructors: 3+


+ Intro to bearings
+ Bottom brackets, hubs and headsets
+ Pulling bearings apart, cleaning and regreasing

  • Note on class fees

    The Bike House is an inclusive community whose mission is to build a space where all people can learn about, work on, and enjoy bikes.


    For those interested in taking our course who find the cost of the class to be a potential barrier, please reach out to us directly ( to inquire about financial waivers.