Disc Brake Overview + Hands On


A hands-on class designed for anyone interested in how disc brakes work and how to make them work better. We will be doing an overview of disc brakes, how they work, and how to adjust them and get them working properly. This class will be hands on, so we ask students to bring their bikes  (disc brake bikes aren't required but helpful), as well as clothes they don't mind getting dirty.


The class is generously hosted in conjunction with the Make/Fix anything night in Adams Morgan. We will be at the Cheshire, with a portion of the room dedicated to the bike class. If you are interested in learning moe about the Make/Fix anything night, please check them out on the first Monday of every Month at the Cheshire, and contact them at makefixanything@gmail.com. Also, feel free to contact us at the Bike House (bikehouse@gmail.com)


Date: Monday March 2

Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: The Cheshire, at intersecting alleys behind 2412 18th St NW

Cost: $15

Class size: 10

Instructors: 3+


+ Intro to disc brakes
+ Cleaning rotors and discs
+ Centering and adjusting pull

  • Note on class fees

    The Bike House is an inclusive community whose mission is to build a space where all people can learn about, work on, and enjoy bikes.


    For those interested in taking our course who find the cost of the class to be a potential barrier, please reach out to us directly (thebikehouse@gmail.com) to inquire about financial waivers.