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The Bike House offers beginner mechanics classes for people who are interested in bikes but haven’t yet taken the plunge into working on them. Our four-week course is designed to build students' confidence and comfort levels working on their own bikes. Our instructors encourage a hands-on approach, limiting our classes to just 10 students to create an intimate environment for learning.

The course covers routine bike maintenance and common repairs, including flat tires, cleaning and lubing your chain, changing brake pads, adjusting derailleurs, and truing wheels.

During the winter months, we also offer more advanced classes for those interested in a more in-depth experience. Topics include overhauling hubs and bearings, recabling, and wheel truing. These classes build off the introductory classes and provide opportunities for students to fine-tune their skills.

Please review the list of upcoming classes below and grab your spot - they fill up fast!

We are 100% volunteer run and offer classes when we have volunteers to staff them. 


The Bike House is an inclusive community whose mission is to build a space where all people can learn about, work on, and enjoy bikes. For those interested in taking one of our courses who find the cost to be a potential barrier, please reach out to us directly ( to inquire about financial waivers.

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